How to choose a payment service to transfer money from the US?

How to choose a payment service to transfer money from the US?

Choosing an operator to send money to Ukraine from USA is a personal matter for everyone, which is determined by many search criteria. When requesting a money transfer, customers usually take into account the following main factors:

  • favorable exchange rate of the US dollar to the hryvnia;
  • security and availability of the transfer amount limit;
  • transaction fee;
  • speed of money transfer;
  • payment methods for the transaction;
  • ways to obtain money, etc.
How to choose a payment service to transfer money from the US?

With Strumok money transfer comparison and selection service, you can instantly see a list of money transfer systems on one screen of your device and choose an operator that best meets your criteria. From the short list, it will be easy for you to determine the payment service provider that is best for you to transfer money from the US to Ukraine.

Strumok cooperates only with world well-known licensed money transfer operators, who deliver money transfers in the shortest possible time. Each company listed on our site is verified, and it is convenient for the customer to choose the best exchange rate among competitors in the market.

Best way to send money to Ukraine from USA:

Best way to send money to Ukraine from USA:

Foreign exchange rates are very volatile and it takes a long time to compare them manually. Therefore, we have created an automated service for comparing the services of money transfer operators Strumok to determine the service with the best rate for the money transfers from the United States to Ukraine.

We analyze many options from banks and fintech companies that make money transfers from the United States to Ukraine. With the help of the Strumok service, you can constantly have information on current exchange rates used when making money transfers to Ukraine.

We strive to improve to provide the best service for you, so we are constantly adding new partners who money transfer to Ukraine from USA on favorable terms.

Step-by-step instructions on how to transfer money to Ukraine from USA:

  1. Identify the money transfer operator that best suits your needs. To do this, you can rely on the online service for money transfer rates comparison.
  2. Select a payment service provider, go to its website, and register an account.
  3. Provide the necessary documentation to verify your identification and other information that may be required by the operator as part of regulatory requirements.
  4. Add information about the recipient, including his bank account when making a transfer.
  5. Enter an amount and start the transaction.
  6. Pay for your transaction through your bank account or payment card in the US.

Many money transfer payment services have mobile applications that allow you to track the transfer and receipt of funds in real time.
Use Strumok's services to quickly compare existing remittance options from USA to Ukraine. Compare money transfer services and choose payment service provider that best meets your criteria and offers the best exchange rate, lowest fees and the shortest time for money transfer execution.
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