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Western Union money transfer operator: an overview of how to transfer money from abroad

Western Union (WU) is a money transfer operator developed by the American company of the same name, which was founded way back in 1851. The company started its activities with telegraph communication and later became one of the flagships in the market of remittances. Today, it works in more than 200 countries of the world, proving itself as a reliable payment service provider everywhere.

In Ukraine, the first Western Union service point was opened in 1993. The main advantages of this system are the speed of execution and the size of the commission. It should also be noted the universality, because it is possible to send both international and intra-Ukrainian money transfers.

Western Union: questions and answers

How does the money transfer operator Western Union work?

In order to use Western Union services, you need to visit the nearest bank branch or agent's office or choose the online service of the Western Union operator on the website, which has combined the best offers from money transfer operators. The second option is even more convenient, because this way you can make an urgent cashless transfer on the web page or in the WU mobile application without getting up from the sofa. In addition, Western Union online service works 24/7.
The Western Union operator supports transfers in major currencies, including USD and EUR. You can also receive funds in Ukraine in hard currency or local hryvnia. These possibilities depend on the country of the sender of the transfer. At the same time, it is not necessary to specify the recipient's address, it is enough to specify Ukraine as the recipient's country.

How to send money via Western Union?

In order to carry out a non-cash transfer of funds from abroad, it is enough:

  • follow the link from the website to the website and register;

  • select the recipient's country;

  • specify the amount to be transferred and the currency of the transfer;

  • choose the currency of receiving the transfer;

  • choose a way for the addressee to receive money (in cash at the branch, by transfer to a bank account or directly to a card);

  • choose a payment method (card or account);

  • specify the recipient's personal data (surname and first name);

  • specify the details of the recipient (mandatory point for non-cash receipt) and details of your own card or account for payment of the money transfer and commission;

  • remember the MTCN control number (consists of 10 digits) and communicate it to the recipient.

How to transfer money via WU to an IBAN account?

IBAN is an international bank account number format. The transfer procedure in this case is as simple as to a regular payment card number, you only need to know the recipient's IBAN account.

What is the Western Union money transfer fee?

Before sending money Ukraine to a card or IBAN bank account, many users are reasonably interested in how much to pay for the transfer. The Western Union commission depends on the amount of the shipment, and all information about it is provided to the sender even before the payment is made. It should be noted separately that the Strumok service does not charge an additional fee. Which money transfer fee will be paid depends on the Western Union tariff for each country. All fees are paid by the sender. Receiving money is free of charge, except for situations where money is received in a different currency. Pay special attention to the proposed exchange rates.

How long does it take to remit money through WU?

Ordinary money transfers are available for recipients to receive a few minutes after the application is made. This is very convenient if the recipient needs the money urgently. At the same time, funds can be received by the addressee after 24 and 48 hours, respectively, if the option of receiving money transfers for the next day/two days is selected in advance. Delaying the transaction may result in overpayment, or legal or other restrictions directly in the receiving country.

How to track a Western Union money transfer?

To track the money transfer from abroad to Ukraine, it is enough to know the name of the sender and the MTCN control number. You must enter these data in the appropriate form on the Western Union website, and you will be able to see the most current information about the status of your international money transfer.

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