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Paysend money transfer services: an overview of how to send money from abroad

Paysend is a money transfer service founded in 2017 with the goal of changing the way people think about managing their day-to-day finances. The company became one of the first fintechs to implement a solution for international card-to-card transfers. Today, the online service offers users more than 100 destinations for cashless money transfers, including remittances to Ukraine.

Paysend is a licensed payment institution operating in accordance with PCI DSS standards of international payment systems and under the supervision of the UK regulator FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The license of the FCA regulator is the most authoritative in the field of electronic payments.

Paysend: questions and answers

How does the Paysend money transfer operator work?

Paysend's core specialty is instant cashless international card-to-card transfers. Also, the online service allows you to remotely open a multi-currency account and receive a Paysend payment card from Mastercard. The platform cooperates with the largest international payment systems — Visa and Mastercard, providing services to business clients with the possibility of accepting and crediting online payments. The Paysend service will be useful for those who need to quickly and safely send money to relatives and friends abroad. Permanent users of the Paysend system include freelancers, expats, seasonal workers, and families temporarily living in different countries of the world.

Thanks to the Paysend, customers can send money to 170 countries around the world using the company's website or mobile application for iOS, Android and Huawei. The specialized online service Strumok allows you to get information on how to transfer funds from abroad to Ukraine on favorable terms. The Strumok team monitors currency exchange rates of various payment service providers around the clock in order to instantly and fee-free provide data on the most favorable conditions for remittances. Users can also count on prompt service support, security of transactions and personal data protection, using the services of leading international money transfer operators.

How to send money via Paysend?

Before sending money to a card or bank account, it is not necessary to find out the exact address of the recipient - it is enough to know the country of residence and the details of the card or recepient`s IBAN. When filling out an application for a transfer, you must:

  • choose the country of the sender and recipient;

  • choose a method of receiving money;

  • specify the details of the recipient;

  • enter the amount to be sent (it will be indicated here how much money will be transferred to the recipient's account, taking into account the service fee and the conversion rate);

  • enter your card or account details and confirm the transfer.

The money is transferred to the recipient's card or account in Ukraine directly in hryvnias (cards of any Ukrainian issuing banks are supported). Paysend also allows you to make money transfers to Ukraine to a mobile phone number by using the Paysend Link feature.

How to transfer money to an IBAN account?

IBAN is an international bank account number consisting of 29 characters (letters and numbers). With its help, financial transactions between institutions from different countries are carried out. To send money by IBAN via Paysend, you only need to find out the recipient's bank account number.

It should also be noted that Paysend simplified the use of financial services for Ukrainian citizens in Europe. Now citizens of Ukraine in the territory of the European Union can open a multi-currency account and receive a Paysend payment card.

What is the fee for sending money by Paysend?

For new Paysend users, the first transfer to the card will be free. Already registered users can also send funds for free once a month. There is a fixed fee for international transfers with conversion for each country. The Strumok service does not charge any additional or hidden fees directly.

How long does a money transfer take?

95% of transfers are processed instantly - after a few minutes the addressee can receive funds on the card. Transfers to bank accounts can take up to 5 business days, but are usually processed the same day.

How to track a Paysend money transfer?

The Paysend payment service is completely transparent. You can always check the status of the transfer in your personal account on the website or using the mobile application.

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