Our story

"Life opens up new opportunities if one day you try your hand abroad…"

With these words, Dima from Odessa, who moved from Ukraine to Germany more than 25 years ago, addressed Andrii, who in 2017 paused the development of his career in Ukraine in the field of corporate finance. The words of a colleague found a response and Andrii decided to move to Lithuania.


As for many people who leave their home country temporarily or on a permanent basis, Andrii was also driven by the desire to find better living conditions for himself and his family, learn more about the world and gain new experiences of long stays in foreign country.

Of course, Andrii was interested in the need for daily rational use of reliable and convenient payment services. After all, the desire to control and optimize the cost of international money transfers is common to all who care for their relatives and friends, supporting them financially. 

Dima's many years of experience living abroad and the professional knowledge of tax advisor helped. Andrii listened for a long time to his friend's financial advice on managing his own finances and saving on remittances.

Friends even competed to find the cheapest way to transfer money from European countries to Ukraine, because it was not always easy and obvious to make a safe and correct choice from the wide variety of money transfer operators' offers.

Based on our own experience and knowledge, the idea was to create a convenient information resource that would be an effective assistant for all those who use the services of international money transfer operators and seek to optimize the costs associated with this process.

Thus, two colleagues, who have had successful experience in conducting international projects since 2006, decided to start a joint venture

Thus, two colleagues, who have had successful experience in conducting international projects since 2006, decided to start a joint venture

The desire to help save on international transfers for the same people as busy and mobile people outside their home has led to the creation in 2021 of a free and easy-to-use Strumok comparison service.

Thanks to built-in integrations with leading money transfer operators, Strumok users always have the opportunity to compare services and instantly choose the best transfer option that meets their urgent needs.

In this way, their relatives will always receive more money and in a convenient way.

Now Strumok is recommended by friends and colleagues

This is a clear and proven information service that instantly provides online access to the best deals from licensed international money transfer operators.

Stay up to date, effectively control costs and use the payment services of the well-known money transfer operators of your choice. Strumok - money remittances without borders.

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