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Profee money transfer operator: an overview of how to transfer money from abroad

Profee is a money transfer service that was created in 2017 with the purpose of changing people's perception of the possibilities of international money transfer operators. The platform allows you to make simple and instant international money transfers from card to card without overpayments and at a favorable currency exchange rate. Profee also supports other payment and payout methods.

A number of technical and financial advantages are the main reason why many freelancers, expats and families living in different countries become regular clients of the Profee money transfer operator. At the same time, you can get detailed information on how to send money to the card on the most favorable terms at the specialized Strumok online service. provides fast and free access to the best offers from licensed international money transfer operators. This is an aggregator that helps the sender and recipient choose the optimal method and service for making a money transfer.

Profee: questions and answers

How does the Profee money transfer service work?

Profee's main specialty is cashless card-to-card international money transfers. The service does not provide cash payment or cash receipt, but it supports Visa, MasterCard and Maestro payment systems. It is sufficient that the sender's card was issued in the EU or Great Britain, while this condition is not essential for the recipient either. Currently, the service allows you to send funds to more than 60 countries of the world, including Ukraine. At the same time, most people transfer money through the Profee mobile application, which is very convenient and functional.

The monthly transaction limit depends on the account level. Immediately after creating a profile, you can transfer up to €1,000 (or the equivalent amount in another currency), and to increase the amount up to €15000 you only need to provide an identity document as well as confirm the status of a resident of a European country and undergo Liveness check. Upgrading your account is absolutely free.

How to send money via Profee?

It is very easy to send money abroad with Profee. The entire procedure takes no more than 10 minutes and requires only a few manipulations:

  • Enter the transfer amount and select the currency - after that you will see the current exchange rate and the approximate amount that will be credited to the recipient's card.

  • Register on the website - to do this, you need to provide your basic information: phone number, email address, first and last name, residential address, date of birth and nationality.

  • Enter the necessary details - after entering all the numbers and pressing the "Send" button, you only need to confirm the transfer with an SMS code.

The service immediately credits the funds to the recipient's account, there is no need to do anything additional. At the same time, the person receiving funds does not necessarily have to be registered in Profee.

How to transfer money to an IBAN account?

IBAN is a standard international bank account number of up to 34 characters including numbers and letters. To send funds by IBAN through Profee, you only need to find out the recipient's account number.

What is the money transfer fee?

Profee is a fairly democratic way to send money from a European country. Basically, the Profee money transfer service involves a fixed fee, which is usually 1 euro or the equivalent in currency, and an exchange rate margin. It is worth noting that the site has a convenient calculator that immediately shows the amount that will be credited to the recipient's card. The Strumok information service is also very transparent and does not involve any commission.

How long does it take to transfer money through Profee?

Usually, funds are transferred from the sender's card to the recipient's card within 2 minutes. However, there are exceptions dictated directly by the rules of a particular bank - the issuer of the payment card. In such cases, payment processing may take a few hours, but no more than one business day.

How to track a Profee money transfer?

You can check the status of the money transfer at any time in your personal account on the Profee website or in the mobile application. To do this, you only need to enter the appropriate section.

Thus, Profee is a modern and functional money transfer service. It allows you to make a fast and secure international money transfer from abroad on favorable financial terms.

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