How to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine?

How to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine?

Unfortunately, more than 2 million Ukrainians have become forcibly displaced persons and have found temporary protection in Poland. In addition to solving other pressing household issues, the Ukrainians who arrived also had questions and increased demand for financial services related to opening bank accounts, obtaining payment cards and making international money transfers from Poland to Ukraine.

Even an expert finds it non-easy to determine which payment service provider is best to make money transfers from Poland to Ukraine. You have to keep in mind the most attractive exchange rate, minimal commission and high speed of transfer execution. Also, important that the remittance system is secure and meets the licensing requirements of the regulatory authorities.

How to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine?

Due to this, we have created Strumok - a service for comparing and selecting international money transfer operators. Strumok shows available offers and instantly allows you to choose the best option, saving money and time when making international transfers.

Using the Strumok online service, you can instantly select a reliable operator and transfer money from Poland to Ukraine safely. In addition, Strumok 24/7 provides users with a free comparison and selection of financial services in their native language.

Does it worth choosing banks when sending money from Poland to Ukraine?

Does it worth choosing banks when sending money from Poland to Ukraine?

Among the variety of existing offers from payment service providers and given the high competition in the financial sector, the question arises of how to choose an operator that will ensure the transfer of money from Poland to Ukraine on optimal terms and according to search criteria.

As a rule, banks in Poland charge a higher fee for international money transfers than money transfer operators. In addition, banks can also use a less favourable PLN exchange rate to UAH, EUR or USD and a longer time for transfer execution.

Therefore, Strumok recommends using the services of banks in Poland to receive classic services, namely: opening and maintaining private accounts, making local payments, and using payment cards.

Strumok recommends online services of money transfer operators to remit money from Poland to Ukraine

The main criteria for choosing an of international money transfer operator:

  • The speed of receipt of a money transfer from Poland to Ukraine;
  • Service hours;
  • Security and transaction limits;
  • Exchange rate;
  • Transfer currency and currency to be received;
  • Transfer method: from an account or using a payment card;
  • Method of receipt: to the account, to the card, in cash;
  • Promotional offers;
  • Service interface language;
  • Availability of support service, their opening hours, communication channels and language.

Agree that taking into account all the above criteria, some of which are constantly changing, is quite a difficult task, but just in this way you can save by comparing the offers of competitors and choosing the best money transfer service for you.

Therefore, there is a better solution: if you want to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine to your family and friends and save time and money, the fee-free information service Strumok will help you. We have created a service that has collected the best offers of money transfer systems, so we will immediately select the best option by analyzing your search query.

Comparison service Strumok provides the best offers that you can use when sending money abroad. In this way, relatives and friends will receive a larger amount of money transfer from you in a way convenient for them.

Step by step instructions on how to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine:

1. Select the money transfer operator that best meets your criteria. To do this, you can rely on the Strumok comparison service, just create a search query on our site;

2. Go to the payment service provider's website and Sign Up;

3. Provide all the necessary documentation to verify your identification and related data that may be required by the payment service due to compliance and regulatory requirements;

4. Add information about the recipient, including details of his bank account or payment card number in Ukraine;

5. Pay for your transaction with funds from a bank account opened in Poland or with other methods, such as a debit card issued by a bank in Poland;

6. After the transaction is initiated, the provider will notify you of the status of its execution and completion.

Useful tips on how to save when making international money transfers from Poland to Ukraine

Please note that most international money transfer operators have mobile applications. You can use them for convenience, such as real-time tracking of your remittance status.

Almost all money transfer operators offer a discount, promotional exchange rate or do not charge a fee for the first money transfer after registering a new user, so Strumok recommends transferring funds from Poland to Ukraine immediately after registering in a payment service and thus save on promotions.

And finally: remember that when there is another need to transfer money from Poland to Ukraine, we recommend visiting the Strumok service. After all, it is very likely that your search criteria and financial conditions for the transfer will change next time, and to save again, you will need to use the services of a new money transfer operator.

The best offers from money transfer operators: