Choose the best way to send money from Great Britain to Ukraine

Choose the best way to send money from Great Britain to Ukraine

There are many options to transfer money from the UK. At the same time, the National Bank did not introduce restrictions on making international money transfers from abroad to Ukraine. The dilemma boils down to the fact that you need to choose the most convenient and profitable option.

Once upon a time, money was transferred to Ukraine through drivers and passengers by land transport, then Ukrainians began to use such international money transfer operators as Western Union, Ria and MoneyGram. But today there are various technologies that allow you to transfer funds online safely and with minimal fees. Instant transfers from card to card are the most profitable.

Choose the best way to send money from Great Britain to Ukraine

You can make money transfers from Great Britain to Ukraine from card to card or peer to peer as quickly as possible and for a small fee. For this, you don't need to stand in lines at the bank or even leave your home. In turn, the Strumok service helps to choose the most convenient method of online money transfers.

The Strumok platform was created specifically for comparing and selecting the services of the international money transfer operators taking into account all important users` searching criteria. We provide access to a wide database of payment service providers that have been working on the international money transfer market for many years. At the same time, we accumulate data of only verified payment services with which it is safe and profitable to cooperate.

The main criteria for choosing a money transfer operator

Before transferring money from Great Britain to Ukraine, it is necessary to take into account a number of important criteria:

  • speed of money transfer, service hours;

  • the exchange rate of the British pound to the Ukrainian hryvnia or to hard currencies;

  • available transfer and receipt currencies;

  • the method of paying for the transfer and receiving it in Ukraine (to a bank account, to a card or in cash);

  • commission fee, possible promotions;

  • transaction limits;

  • availability of a support service, its work schedule, service languages;

  • availability of a mobile application, interface language.

It is quite difficult to take into account all the above factors on your own, but thanks to the service of comparing the services of Strumok money transfer operators, you will be able to save your money and time.

Transfer money from Great Britain to Ukraine in a few steps

Look through the catalog of companies on the Strumok website, and then, after comparing all the key aspects, choose the option that is beneficial for you. The entire money transfer procedure takes a few minutes and, as a rule, includes the following main stages:

  1. Registration on the payment service (creating an account);

  2. Provision of personal documents necessary for account verification and making transfers, respectively;

  3. Specifying information about the recipient (personal data, details);

  4. Payment of the transaction in the most convenient way.

Once a transaction is initiated, you can track its progress. In most cases, the money is transferred to the recipient's payment card within a few minutes.

We understand that the services of those money transfer operators are the best when the recipient of the transfer receives the largest amount of money and in the shortest period of time. Therefore, before sending money from Great Britain to Ukraine, we advise you to visit the website, where you will always be informed about current commissions and exchange rates, and therefore — you will be able to choose the most favorable conditions for making a money transfer at a specific moment in time.

The best money transfer offers: