The best exchange rate of the Euro to the NZD for July 18, 2024, for sending money from abroad

It is at the 655.96000 mark. But the exchange rate is constantly changing: depending on the geopolitical situation, fluctuations of the main currency pairs and other financial and economic factors. That is why it is so important to give preference to a transfer service whose exchange rate  Euro  to NZD will be the highest. 

The policy of local regulatory banks is also very important. Because of it, the official exchange rate in the recipient's country may differ from the one declared in the sender's country.

How to choose the best money transfer operator?

You need to fill out the comparison form - take 3 simple steps:

  1. Select Austria as the sender and New Zealand as the recipient from the drop-down menus.
  2. Enter the amount to send (please note, currencies are delivered automatically).
  3. Click on the "Compare" button.

3 options for receiving money will appear (to a bank account, to a card, with cash withdrawal), and for each of them, there is a list of operators capable of performing such a money transfer. Online comparison service Strumok has partnerships with such money transfer operators as TransferGo, Wise, Paysend, Remitly, XE, WorldRemit, Profee, Instarem, CurrencyFair and many others. The list of Partners is constantly growing to meet customers' increasing demand for money transfer services.

Compare these offers. Focus on the final amount: the higher it is, the more profitable it is for you. Also pay attention to the following nuances:

  • operation confirmation duration (clock icon) — the shorter it is, the better;
  • commission (coin icon) — the lower the final percentage, the better;
  • application reception and service time (graph icon) — the wider this window is, the more convenient it is.

Which option should I choose? It's up to you.

How to send money from Austria?

You only need to use our service, compare the offers of operators, choose the best one and click on the "Go to..." button opposite it. The website of the money transfer service will open - all that remains is to register (or log in), provide information about yourself and the recipient, and transfer the required amount.

Yes, this is not the only way, but it is the most convenient and reliable. You will not have to contact each operator separately and find out about the rate, commission, time of the operation - all the offers are in front of your eyes. And no hidden fees - compare, choose, send.

How to get money in New Zealand?

By card, bank transfer or cash. The last option is relatively fast (requires the least amount of time to carry out the operation), but it is not the safest, because money can be issued in some public place, for example, in a shopping center.

Banks often charge a high commission for their services or offer no very profitable rates (as a result of which even 10 euros lose a few hryvnias). Well, when transferring money to a card, there are monthly limits.

Each method of receiving money has its pros and cons. That is why it is so important to be able to visually compare them before shipping.

Find the best options for money transfers from Austria to New Zealand

Comparison service Strumok covers offers for each of three fundamentally different ways of making transactions. Money transfers payouts methods are presented in separate sections of the pop-up menu:

  • to the map — for those who like to perform financial transactions online;
  • through a bank — for those who are used to offline service;
  • cash — for fans of relatively fast transactions.

Which of these options is the best? The one that is most convenient for you personally.

Top money transfer operators from Austria to New Zealand

These are the services that are licensed in both countries. They operate under the financial supervision of both Austria and New Zealand supervisory authorities and are able to guarantee the security of transactions. These popular operators have gained a reputation, value it and claim the maximum exchange rate, minimum transfer time, and other benefits. We only show offers from operators that meet all of the above conditions.

Transfer from Austria to New Zealand with a minimum commission

How to make it? Compare the conditions of different services and pay special attention to the coin icon. Click "More" and learn the nuances. The lower the percentage, the better. Even if the maximum commission can reach 5% of the amount for some operators, then others conduct a transaction in general with 0%.

The fastest transfer from Austria to New Zealand

The most efficient way — with payment and receipt of funds in cash, but it is not always available. The average transfer time from Austria to New Zealand is 1-2 hours. Although the transaction can be carried out faster, in 5-30 minutes, or longer, the next calendar day.

The slowest — to a bank account. In this case, the maximum translation time — up to 72 hours. Think about what benefits you will get in exchange for waiting.

The real exchange rate when making a money transfer Euro to NZD for July 2024

It is 655.96000. All Partners of the Strumok comparison service, namely TransferGo, Wise, Paysend, Remitly, XE, WorldRemit, Profee, Instarem, CurrencyFair and other well-known money transfer operators compete for the client. Therefore, the difference in the applied exchange rates is sometimes minimal, however worth your attention. In addition to currency exchange commissions, the money transfer operator receives its income from the money transfer fee.

Therefore, choose the maximum rate and transfer on the best terms for yourself.